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Most small business owners know it can be a real challenge to find commercial loan financing in the current banking climate. Unfortunately, for many small business owners commercial loans and other sources of business financing are the only opportunity to get the working capital needed to continue growing.

Luckily there are more resources than the Small Business Association. This article provides some other commercial loan financing resources and some alternative commercial financing options.

Find a Business Partner

Many unemployed people means there are many people looking to own their own business, or with any luck, they may want to share yours. Allowing a partner to buy into your business can provide much needed capital in addition to the extra human resources. You need to be extremely careful in selecting a partner, because a bad partnership can destroy a business.

Home Equity

Home equity lines can provide an easy source commercial financing for your business. Unfortunately with the current housing market it can be difficult to receive good terms right now. Also, you are literally gambling your home on the success of your business, so be very careful.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are an option for some, but be extremely careful. Paying for expenses with a personnel or business credit card can be a useful short-term strategy, however interest rates can be a killer-especially if you already have bad credit-so you should try to have the cash to pay off the card in full every month.

Non Traditional Lending Companies

While many traditional banks remain crippled and short on cash after their bad lending practices nearly ruined the economy, many non-bank lending companies can still offer more options. Commercial loan financing, such as unsecured loans and bad credit loans can provide much needed Commercial loan financing for business owners who would be turned away from the bank. Be careful and check the terms carefully and you can find some fair deals.

Merchant Advance

Programs such as a merchant advance are designed for people who may not qualify for a traditional small business loan due to bad credit. A Merchant Advance is when a lending company buys a portion of another business' future credit card sales. For example, the lending company may buy $10,000 of your future sales for $8,000 today. As customers purchase from you using credit, a portion of the payments go to paying back the lender each month until the lending company receives its $10,000. Caution is advised, however. While some companies can provide much needed capital, a few can be less than honest.


To put it simply, factoring is an advance on your account receivables. Essentially, when you bill a customer, you send a copy of the invoice to the factoring company. The factoring company then advances you the cash for the sale and deducts a small fee to cover the costs of the transaction. When the customer pays the invoice it is sent to the factoring company, repaying your advance and fees. Many of these programs will offer great loans for bad credit business owners because repayment is based on your sales, not your credit.

It can be a real challenge to find commercial loan financing or other alternative sources of cash flow for your business, but hopefully this article gave you some additional ideas and places to look.

Steve Johnson is a small business financial adviser for Performance Commercial Capital in Irvine, California. Performance Commercial Capital provides low cost capital solutions for small business owners across the country. Visit to learn more about Commercial Loan Financing from Performance Commercial Capital.
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